Carla Tamburro, Eda Gega, and Annelise Stull mentor Henderson High School students after-school through Google's igniteCS program February-May 2017. Our mentorship program is called superCHARge_CS, with a reference to Java's primitive data type char.

Left to Right: Gina Dedes, Eda Gega, Mahrukh Siddiqui (back), Marie Danenhower, Charles Haggerty.
At Bitcamp our representatives worked on various projects including Air Keyboard and Malware.

Eda Gega (left), Carla Tamburro (right), Annie Stull, Gina Dedes, Priti Singh, Brittney Walsh-Piwowarski, Mahrukh Siddiqui, and Dr. Bin Lu helped local middle school girls make a video game called "Catch the Clown."

Left to Right (back): Merna Gayed, Felicia DeRita, Cristina Zalucky, Melissa Rhein
Left to Right (front): Katelyn Wunderlich, Carla Tamburro, Natalie Hurd
The Grace Hopper Conference is the largest conference for women in computing. Our representatives attended in 2016 in Texas. There are guest speakers, a career fair, and opportunities for women to connect.

Sheema Ali, Laura Zakowski, and Renee Williams (not pictured) mentored Girl Scouts in various science topics with the Women in Aerospace Technology Program!